I´M NOT TWENTY ONE (vě k je jen cifra)                                      
        text:   markéta spáčilová
        Tell me how many girls are like you sweetheart
        With big tolerance you love your aging upstart
        I work from morning till the tardy evening
        And you are always in empty bed sleeping

        My selling phrase is free time is not money
        That´s why my wallet to pleasures isn´t canny

        Please stop your crying I know how you must feel
        I see you are alone your mystery is reveal
        Tell me how many springs fleet away sweetheart
        I´m not twenty-one and it must be poles apart
        Thank goodness you are like the sweetest fruits
        You love me in outfit or in a birthday suit

        I´m not twenty-one
        But I dare just the same
        Pray like an almsman
        Under night whisper your name
        I´m not twenty-one
        And follow how time flies
        With sorrow and fun
        Between earth and stars