HOME MADE MEAL ( restaurace )                                                

          text:  markéta spáčilová

          Do you know it you´re my honey and I am your boy 
          Like a star who shines at a stretch I´m beside with joy
          Forty years that I´m married are like a fairy tale
          When you bring me at twelve o´clock dinner bucket pail

          Do you know what home-made meals with human can to do
          Taste and flavor comes to heaven and as such is blue
          Maybe madness maybe magic mama save me please
          Because I think that my dear wife kitchen goddess is

          Ham and eggs beef goulash fruit dumplings and sausages
          Apple pie and roasted bacon toast with slice of cheese
          Mushroom cream sweet pudding stewed duck in red wine sauce 
          Grande passion blooms in the stomach as a saying goes

          Do you know how many years of happiness
          Elapsed as a water to the sea but in my dreams
          You are the same cookie as a girl was married me
          Until end knocks on my door with (the) last cup of tea